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“Well… my parents are, so I guess I just am also”

I am sick and tired of the steadfast ignorance of my lethargic unmotivated generation. Younger people are obsessed with rivalry i.e. the good and the evil, from Disney we are taught such things . . . FROM DISNEY. So okay, the other day I was talking with some fellow students and somehow we brought up politics (not a bad thing at all) and began talking about social security reform and how it will affect us later on in life. It was a great discussion until the odd man out joined in unknowingly (a “republican” so to speak). We were continuing the discussion in favor of liberal socialist reform of social security, out of nowhere, out friend deems it necessary to inform everyone he is ‘conservative’. Conservative . . . right, well this person has a mohawk, enjoys metal music, frequents parties and raves (where I can only assume drugs happen), and when I hear all these things conservative is certainly not what come to mind at all. So I had to ask him, “conservative huh? Soooo what is your opinion on foreign policy?” Frankly, he couldn’t even conceptualize what the question was regarding. So I then asked another question, “if you don’t know a single bit about politics and how it actually does affect us in very profound ways, how can you consider yourself part of a specific party?” Not surprisingly, he did not even have the slightest inkling of an answer. This ignorance, just makes me sick, and it actually makes me want to not consider myself a part of this country if this is what is to become. All this partisan nonsense needs to S T OP NOW, and younger people need to develop their own ideas about how the world should work. They also need to realize that being partisan for the wrong reasons has severe consequences – This isn’t a goddamn sports team to be siding with, it’s their future. And if nothing is done soon there won’t be much future to behold . . .


Warm (hot?) Weather

As I go further into my time at IPR I seem to not be alone in having a, dear I say, fiery hatred for hot weather. It just . . . doesn’t seem natural to me, which is odd because I have lived in the Midwest for my entire life. Don’t get me wrong, a little warmth here and there is great, but I’m talking high 70s and MAYBE very low 80s at the most. Humidity is also something I could do without, for the most part. Now, all this doesn’t mean I like mild 70˚ weather, I do like extreme weather. For my whole life, my family has gone to Canada to go skiing every winter, mostly in Whistler and Banf. So, I do very much like load and load of snow. Though speaking of extreme weather, as it were, if I had to pick one thing I like about hot summers . . . it would most certainly be the storms. Rain, thunder, lightening (natures fireworks), and of course tornadoes – All great stuff. Though nonetheless, the perfect climate for me would be intense freezing cold during the winter, no spring, and max low 70s during the summer.

P.S. I write this blog on a near record high temperature day . . .

Soundclick – The #1 Artist Music Community™

Soundclick is an online music streaming and hosting service for musicians and studio engineers. In my opinion, soundclick functions as a social network . . . but for musicians only. The artist’s page shows all uploaded songs and is also home to a bio that can be filled out by the artist. Only, soundclick calls the bio “interview”, which is indeed fitting for a musician. The interview asks questions such as, “Why This Name?” and “How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?”. Upon upload of a song the artist is also able to personalize all information about the song including description, story behind the song, and equipment used. Also, the upload quality is superior to other sites such as myspace, and soundcloud. Bellow is a screen shot of my soundclick site . . .

The layout of the site is pretty clean and straight forward, also perhaps I forgot to mention, it is completely free. The artist is also able to charge for download of their music and they will get 100% of the profit. In addition to the all the great features of the music streaming and hosting, soundclick also serves as a fully fledged music community. Soundclick has a chart system that allows anyone that goes to their site to see what artist is trending in what genre at that very moment, the site also has a live feed from facebook and twitter. If all of that wasn’t enough . . . soundclick also has a musicians classifieds section. So, if you are looking for a gig, a band to book for a gig, or even band members soundclick can help! Go to Soundclick now and sign up for an account!

Mastering Compression

Analog or digital seem to be the biggest determining factors in any stereo mastering compression and as much as I so dearly love analog technology, just because it is tangible and physical and has ‘warmth’, I think I am going to have to side with digital technology here. Mastering compression is quite possibly the single most important step in mastering any audio, simply because how could you limit something that doesn’t want to be limited, well you could but it would sound quite ugly. Stereo compression, in my mind, should be very very surgical and specific to every transient and second on the song. While limiting, on the other hand, seems to have it’s place in the analog realm. A development team that worked for Steven Slate Digital, hit the nail square on the head, they developed a transient specific algorithm that would respond differently to different dynamics and different wavelengths, what does this mean? Well, it essentially means that they found a way to automate attack and release controls without the user even touching them! Which is indeed something engineers could only ever dream of. Just imagine having to go though your entire bounced mix and seek out every transient, analyze each and every one of them, and then automate attack and release settings to preserve low end or make the high end thwack of a snare shine through your mix . . . personally I’ll pass on that any day. I mean, manually ducking vocals is one thing . . . but automating master compression is just stupid insane. I really believe that this is the future and I have to give it up to Steven Slate’s team for coming up with the most ingenious tool to date for audio music mastering


A little bit about myself

Well, my name is obviously Andrew, and I grew up in south Chicago Illinois. I am an only child and both of my parents work(ed) for the government. My mother is in GSA and NASA and my father is a retired U.S. Customs special agent and ex Navy Seal diver. Onto myself . . . I am very interested in the tedious technical details of anything, and I also happen to like music very much. I still have no idea what career path I want to take, I am constantly reminded and aware that the music ‘industry’ is a hit or miss game and that it CAN be lucrative. I have done studio work and live sound previously, for about a year I worked at a venue called Beverly Arts Center in South Chicago, it was a great experience and I loved going to work everyday. Though, as much as I love working with musicians I still force myself to face the reality that such a profession will usually not lead to a steady income, which for me is terribly frightening. So, I’ll probably look into an Electrical Engineering degree after IPR. For fun I like expensive music gear, going to the gym, cars, shaving with a straight razor, bike trips, and anything outdoors.

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